Furnished Houses Sell

Furnished houses sell far better than unfurnished ones.  But the truth is, in today’s market, a large percentage of the homes being offered for sale are vacant.  Why?  One of the reasons might be because the burden of upkeep may have simply been too much for the homeowner to bear.  When an unoccupied home is for-sale the challenges associated with actually selling the property begin to mount as time passes.  The condition of the lawn and general landscape begin a rapid deterioration once regular maintenance has stopped.  If the electric has been turned off, the air inside the home is no longer being conditioned.

Once that happens, all sorts of deterioration can occur; mold, pests, warping of cabinets, etc.  In addition, an unoccupied home invites theft, vandalism and squatters.  If there were a way to have their home furnished and cared for at no charge, would that not be an ideal way to get their home sold?

 Companies like Home Caretakers International are in a perfect position to do just that. By finding qualified and screened caretakers to care for and furnish a home helps the homeowner, real estate agent and helps the entire market work through the overstock of inventory.  The biggest challenge is finding a reputable company that can screen the caretaker and their furniture.  Home Caretakers International can do just that.

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