Everyone Benefits with our “Proven WIN-WIN” Program!

The Homeowner Benefits by realizing a faster, successful sale, and gaining protection against vandalism while reducingutility and maintenance costs. Also, insurance is usually much lower for an occupied home. You have only one chance to give a great first impression to prospective buyers and Home Caretakers International maximizes that opportunity.

The Realtor Benefits by gaining a competitive edge on other similar homes by displaying the true value. The home is always ready for showings seven days a week, even on short notice. This results in a faster sale at the best price, directly affecting commission. Furthermore, Home Caretakers International assumes repair and maintenance responsibilities that would often fall to the Realtor if the home were vacant.

The Caretaker Benefits by living in a beautiful home for approximately 70% less than the market value. The Caretaker, usually a relocating professional, has the opportunity to learn the area before making a purchasing decision, which could be the home they are in. There are no long-term lease obligations and they can relocate on short notice.