What is a Home Caretaker?
A Home Caretaker is screened professional caretaker who is responsible for the upkeep of a vacant home for a homeowner.

Why should a homeowner take advantage of the Home Caretaker program?
Having a Home Caretaker, in an otherwise vacant home, helps in a variety of ways. First, having a Home Caretaker in the home reduces the risk of theft and vandalism. Second, the Home Caretaker assumes the responsibility of the upkeep of the home and property. Third, the Home Caretaker is responsible for the utility bills from the time they move in to the property. Fourth, and most importantly, the Home Caretaker keeps the home in “show-ready” condition for potential buyers giving the home a much greater probability of selling more quickly and for a higher price.

How can a Home Caretaker help sell my home?
Home Caretakers keep the home fully furnished and “show-ready” at all times which makes it much more attractive to potential buyers.

Will the Home Caretaker attend showings?
No. Home Caretakers will not attend any showings.

Who is responsible for the upkeep on my home?
The Home Caretaker is responsible for all the interior and exterior upkeep on your home.

Who provides the furniture for my home?
Before anyone is accepted into the program as a Home Caretaker, their furniture is screened to ensure the best fit for reach home.

Can I have my home furnished without having a Home Caretaker?
No. This is not a staging service. The Home Caretaking service is designed to combine the Home Caretaker and furnishing services.

What happens when my home sells?
Once your closing date has been set, the Home Caretaker will be notified. As the date approaches, the Home Caretaker will prepare to vacate the home just before closing to avoid any issues that may arise if the home is left vacant too early.

How do Home Caretakers help Realtors sell homes?
Real Estate agents know that a furnished and cared-for home sells 30% faster and for 15% more money than a similar home that is unfurnished and uncared-for.

In what area can I put my home in the Home Caretaker program?
Because of the demand for the Home Caretaker service, we are rapidly expanding. Currently, we place Home Caretakers all over the state of Florida.

How can I become a Home Caretaker?
If you have interest in becoming a Home Caretaker, you simply need to request a Home Caretaker application by clicking the following link. www.link@furnishedhousessell.com Keep in mind that you will need to submit to a background check and furniture screening.

What are the benefits of being a Home Caretaker?
By signing up to be a Home Caretaker, you will be able to live in a beautiful home for a reduced fee in exchange for your commitment to care for the interior and exterior of the home.

What are the responsibilities of being a Home Caretaker?
Home Caretakers are responsible for keeping the lawn manicured, ensuring a clean and chemically-balanced pool as well as a “show-ready” interior. In addition, the Home Caretaker must pay all utility bills incurred during their stay in the home.

Are Home Caretakers allowed to have pets?
No. Pets are not allowed in any of the homes in the Home Caretaker program.

Are Home Caretakers allowed to smoke in the home?
No. All the homes in the Home Caretaker program are smoke-free homes.

Who pays for the Home Caretaker service?
The Home Caretaker pays for the privilege of being in the Home Caretaker program. There is no cost to the homeowner or Realtor.