Caretakers Chris & Carla:

       There a quite a few reasons we enjoy being a part of the home caretaker program. First, we have had the opportunity to live in many different parts of the city. For us, since we were new to town, the home caretaker program allowed us to get familiar with varying parts of the city, meet new people in new neighborhoods and get a feel for the city as a whole. We were able to better identify what parts of the city we really liked and have been able to learn our way around town faster because we have had to learn new parts of the city. It has also given us a better feel for what shops, stores, and services are available to us. If you move to a new city and only live in one place, you can miss out on whole sections of the city, but with the home care taker program we have been able to find the “hole in the wall” places as well as the central hot spots.

       Another interesting aspect of the home caretaker program is that we get to play a part in helping turn around the economy, especially real estate, in our country. These homes are vandalized if they are left vacant and once a home is vandalized, the price drops, when the price drops, the economy suffers. This has let us, in a small way, play a part in helping our country to get turned around by keeping these homes safer and in better shape so they retain their value and the market has a chance to improve. It’s also really nice to see the difference we’ve made in the success of selling the homes we’ve been living in. We take our responsibility as caretakers seriously, and do our very best to be the best caretakers possible.

       We would say that this kind of success definitely helps to improve the housing market and overall home sales. For us personally, the caretaker program is great because of the lower monthly expenses. We have had the opportunity to stay in some amazing places and amazing homes for a fraction of the cost. Being new to an area, housing is one of those vital necessities. Being part of a program that offers affordable solutions as you settle into an area is a great benefit without the annual lease requirements!

-Chris & Carla Johnson


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